Peppers RV Park, Inc
113 Jordan Lane
Elgin, Texas 78621
(512) 285-6490

Note that we do not accept credit cards.  Cash, money orders or personal checks only.



Peppers RV Park, Inc.
113 Jordan Lane; Elgin, Texas 78621
(512) 285-6490


These rules are in order to assure this RV Park remains a safe, clean, quiet and very desirable place to stay. All actions contrary to this goal are a violation of the rules, even if the action is not specifically stated below. Your visitors are subject to these same rules. It is your responsibility to inform them of these rules and make sure they follow them.

OCCUPANCY: The rates are based on 2 adults and 2 vehicles that will all fit within your pad site (off the grass & off the roadway). For all monthly guests, visitors that stay in your RV for more than 3 nights are considered an additional guest and will have to be added to your application. Additional people and/or vehicles are subject to additional fees. Check out time is noon, check in time is 3 pm.

CHILDREN: Must be supervised at all times. A maximum of 1 child under 8 is allowed to stay for free. All others will be subject to the additional fees.

PETS: Cats and non-aggressive dogs under 30 pounds are allowed. Any dog that is over 30 lbs must be approved by the management. All dogs must be on a hand held leash when outside of the RV. Pets shall not be tied up when left outside unattended. Pet droppings shall be picked up immediately and placed in a sealed bag and thrown in the trash. All pets shall have current vaccination records. Aggressive dogs, excessive barkers, etc. are not allowed.

RIG APPEARANCE: Management reserves the right to refuse service to any RV based upon its appearance or condition. All monthly guests shall fax or email a picture of their RV prior to making reservations or be subject to refusal upon arrival.

SITE APPEARANCE: All vehicles (cars, motorcycles, golf carts, etc) shall be parked in your pad site off the grass. All motor vehicles shall have a current registration/inspection. Your site shall be kept clean and neat and easily allow for a mower to navigate around any chairs, tables, toys, etc. No tires are allowed to be stored. Any dog chains/leads shall be at least 6 feet above the ground.

QUIET TIME: The rights of others must be respected at all times. Quiet time is between 8:00 pm to 8:00 am. At all other times noise, radio playing, etc. is to be kept within reason so as not to disturb others.

PARTIES, COOKOUTS AND GATHERINGS: Must be done quietly. Always observe quite time and all other rules. The location of these activities should be done around the pavilion or your RV site, never around the road. All alcohol use shall be done responsibly. Litter must be cleaned up immediately.


DRIVING RULES: Only licensed drivers are allowed to drive a vehicle (golf carts included) in the park. The speed limit is 10 MPH within the park. Noisy vehicles are prohibited. Unsafe driving is subject to immediate dismissal from the park. Do not drive or park any vehicle in the grass. Do not park in the roadway.

LITTERING: Do not litter – pick up all your trash within the park. Cigarette butts & beer caps are litter – pick them up.

NEATNESS AND CLUTTER: Your site should be kept neat at all times. Only plants, BBQ grills, and lawn furniture should be visible outside your RV. Everything else must be kept out of site as viewed from the road. No laundry shall be hung outside to dry. No window a/c units or foil in windows are allowed. All outside items shall be placed so as not to inhibit mowing or create additional weed-eating. Peppers will not be responsible for damage to water lines, sewer hoses, rugs, lawn decorations, etc.

WATER USE: All water hose connections shall have a backflow preventor at the hose bib. Please note that our water pressure is very high and your RV might need a pressure regulator if the plumbing cannot withstand high pressures. All water leaks inside and outside your RV shall be repaired immediately. Monthly guests may wash their vehicle and RV a maximum of once per month with a hose end sprayer equipped with a water shutoff. Water lines shall be laid out so as not to inhibit mowing or weed-eating.

SEWER USE: Sewer connections shall be done with a donut or similar connector that is air tight. The sewer hose shall be laid out so as not to inhibit mowing or weed-eating.

MODIFICATION OF RV PAD SITE: Any landscaping, decks, steps, etc., must have management approval prior to installation. No pools, trampolines, tents, tarps or playground equipment will be allowed.

TRASH: All trash shall be placed in a sealed bag prior to placement in our garbage bin. Only trash generated within the RV Park is allowed (no outside trash brought in is allowed). No tires, furniture, refrigerators, car batteries, oil, antifreeze or other hazardous material is allowed. Individual outside garbage containers and/or trash bags are not allowed at the RV pad site.

OPERATING A BUSINESS: Only very inconspicuous business operations are allowed. This means no excessive traffic (maximum of 1 visitors per day), noise and/or trash.

VEHICLE REPAIR/MAINTENANCE: Changing flat tires and jumping of a battery is allowed. Management approval is required prior to any other repair/maintenance procedure needed to be done.


HAZARDOUS MATERIAL: Storage of Hazardous material of any kind on this property is strictly prohibited.

WALKING/DROWNING HAZARDS: Peppers RV Park, Inc. has made a tremendous effort to remove all broken glass and metal cans left by the previous owners of this property, but some of the glass and metal cans are still being found and removed. Due to this, all guests and visitors should always wear shoes and take any other needed precautions when in the park. Also, the rear portion of the property has many non-level areaS that create walking/tripping hazards along with a pond with no life guard on duty. Peppers cannot be responsible for any accidents due to this.

TRAILER/VEHICLE: Additional fees will be charged for any stored trailer, vehicle, etc. that will not fit onto your pad site. Each pad site is limited to 2 vehicles and your RV. Storage must be within your site on pavement or elsewhere as approved by management. Peppers RV Park, Inc. is not responsible for any damage of theft.

MONTHLY RATES: Monthly rates are prorated to be due on the 1st of the month and late after 5pm on the 5th of the month, at which time a $5.00 per day late fee will be charged. A 72 hour eviction notice will be given shortly after the 5th of the month if payment has not been made. Utilities may then be disconnected if payment still has not been paid after the 72 hour eviction notice expires. Two or more late and/or 72 hour eviction notices given in any 12 month period may result in an immediate eviction and/or your required deposit increased to up to $300.00.

SITE DEPOSIT REFUND: A 10-day notice either written, emailed or text to 989-525-1218 or 512-470-2845 notifying us of your departure date is required for a full refund of your deposit to be considered. 10% of your deposit will be deducted for every day less than the required 10-day notice. Additional deductions will also be made for any amounts owed or site cleanup needed.

REMOVAL OF VEHICLES, RV'S, TAILERS, ETC: Once a guest leaves our park, even if evicted, Peppers RV Park, Inc. has the right to have any vehicle, RV, trailer, etc. that has been left on our premises removed. The guest/owner shall be responsible for any and all towing and storage costs associated with the removal.

MAIL: Please note that our mailboxes are not secure. You should not use our mailboxes for your mail if you need a secure mailbox (please get a PO Box somewhere). If you use our mailboxes, your RV space number must be included in the address and all persons having mailed delivered to your site must be on the application.

Peppers RV Park, Inc. is a service oriented business and therefore we do not have a tenant/landlord relationship with any daily, weekly and/or monthly guests. Peppers RV Park, Inc. and/or management personnel assume no responsibility for injury, accidents, thefts or losses from any cause including loss of personal property from accidents of any nature.
Violation of any of these rules may result in immediate dismissal from the park. Illegal activity or suspected illegal activity will be reported to the proper law enforcement agency.